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Hi my name is Ian Lister

I am an Agile coach and Scrum Master and I work mostly in and around the Leeds area. I’ve been working in IT since last century and have been around long enough to have seen IT done really badly and have the battle scars to prove it.

My goalĀ is to deliver value, which is something I think in general IT doesn’t do very well, we are very good these days on output, juts not on outcomes.

What I commonly see is that so much effort is put into delivering things quickly and efficiently, without concentrating on building the right things. We can have the most wondrous “agile” delivery team, with automation coming out of our ears, delivering multiple; times a day, but if we aren’t concentrating on building the right things then we are wasting our time.

This is where I put the focus on delivery business impact and value.

I really love coaching and am a qualified FA and ECB kids coach and can mostly be found outside of work running up and down playing fields around the Leeds area.



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